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September 18th: Main Net Live

teela · 7 days ago

Main net is live and the disbursal is complete.
Please go ahead and import your keys, and verify you see your own funds at the proper addresses.
You are also more than welcome to start staking and set up masternodes.

@RzeroD has a block explorer set up here: www.heliumchain.info...

    September 6th: More team and parameters

    teela · 19 days ago

    Karmashark wrote:

    @everyone I am proud to announce we have a new official member of the team in @stonehedge. Dan has extensive experience in the industry and most recently comes from the Crown project (CRW) where he has been instrumental in helping them develop from the ground up. Dan will be taki...

      August 24th: gearing up for launch

      teela · about a month ago

      richyjames wrote:

      Phore team are ready to have a meeting on Tuesday with the members wanting to participate in the launch, lets set up a group chat on here
      ok just added myself to the launch channel, those of you inclined do the same
      This is hopefully shaping towards a very fair and open start to ...

        August 8th: launch team & spork keys

        teela · about a month ago

        Karmashark wrote:

        @everyone I would like to introduce you all to a new member of the team - Cory Skinner (@Cory S).

        Cory has a similar blockchain project in RoadLaunch, which focuses on putting freight on the blockchain to help streamline various supply chain logistics. He has been assisting us...

          July 10th: last hurdles

          teela · 2 months ago

          richyjames wrote:

          update: Will be having a conversation with Graham and the potential launch team who can tidy up our outstanding issues and then let me email cryptopia for code presentation and co-ordinate launch. Attracting volunteers is the only way we can effectively build our second layer, ...

            June 6th: another update

            teela · 3 months ago

            richyjames wrote:

            Setting up PIVX to "a standard" is a job, many projects are just patching and slopping it out without little care if it fails later on the line, what would it matter if the chain goes down if you already have acquired 500 BTC and relaxing in the Caribbean. Considering we are not ...

              May 10th: preliminary home stretch

              teela · 4 months ago

              richyjames wrote:

              @everyone I have together the governance code guide, if anyone is interested please indicate you want a copy, please only request it if your an active community member who is interested in assisting in development. It is not light reading about the project. I am refraining from ...

                May 2nd: update/testnet/grinding away

                teela · 4 months ago

                KarmaWolf said:

                @everyone the launch is coming along nicely so it is time for an update on things

                Please feel free to check out the latest Helium update that focuses on the pending launch, governance, the leadership team and some house cleaning items from the previous year:


                  Apr 19th: development/ledger

                  teela · 5 months ago

                  richyjames said:

                  dev timeline for the next couple of weeks, tight schedule
                  we had to fill in all final topia paperwork, and i submitted the bittrex addresses we are intending to prune
                  they need first approval, to do diligence of any false positives
                  the final bittrex cut is a simplified versi...

                    Apr 14th: developers/finance

                    teela · 5 months ago

                    richyjames said:

                    @everyone Just a quick update for the community that I am waving any fee for assisting the community, sometimes im forced to try and do backroom negotiation on all our communities behalf to tempt developers into our group, which Graham strongly is disapproving the process off. S...

                      Apr 8th: 2 week recap

                      teela · 5 months ago

                      KarmaWolf wrote:

                      @everyone Gentlemen, I will be away from the internet (or at least forcing myself to) for the weekend and early next week whilst I take a journey up to Northern Canada to ride polar bears and acquire beaver pelts. As you can see the launch process is coming along and next week @ri...

                        Mar 20th: ledger/code/dev

                        teela · 6 months ago

                        richyjames wrote:

                        There will be an update coming shortly from the team. Sending a public thank you out to GJ for setting a high bar for bringing us upto this point. Lots for us all to discuss coming up, but launch is now technically possible.

                        Plan is for discord move over on launch, the majorit...

                          Mar 12th: New team member

                          teela · 6 months ago

                          rhinomonkey wrote


                          KarmaWolf wrote

                          @everyone As you can see @coins101 is very much alive - I have been working to bring everyone together while deali...

                            Mar 10th: Heads up

                            teela · 6 months ago

                            gj (gjhiggins) wrote:

                            I'm lending Karmashark a hand with setting up the premine and the script to execute the ledger balance transfer transactions. Currently getting up to speed, nothing to contribute immediately, give me a couple of days.

                            KarmaWolf (Karmashark) wrote:

                            Indeed, Graham has been g...

                              Jan 21st: Small update

                              teela · 8 months ago

                              bitcoinkw wrote:

                              Loyal Helium followers, we would like to thank you for your support and patience during our pre-launch phase. Our team is working with major enterprise clients in the back ground in a "test net" environment. Given we did not conduct an ICO, we instead decided on the air drop metho...

                                Jan 7th: Almost, almost there

                                teela · 8 months ago

                                Pennies202 wrote:

                                Hey guys, spoke to coins earlier. Team is working hard, launch date still can’t commit as there are one or two security actions to address, targeting Q1 for sure. Can’t tell you much about partnerships until launch but have a few players lined up for all three use-cases (private...

                                  Nov 30th: Almost there

                                  teela · 9 months ago

                                  karmashark wrote:

                                  @channel Good day everyone,

                                  The launch:

                                  As indicated by @gjhiggins, our work in testnet is complete and the genesis block script works without hitch. We are now in the Mainnet phase of the launch and will be updating the community when the network is opened to the public and ...

                                    Oct 25th: Team Introduction

                                    teela · 11 months ago

                                    karmashark wrote:

                                    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to make some formal introductions today as well as pass along some news on the network: The Helium team is growing and with the launch of the network right around the corner, it is time to introduce to the community some of the faces who will be...

                                      Oct 3rd: All Systems Go!

                                      teela · 11 months ago

                                      karmashark wrote:

                                      @everyone Good evening everyone (in Canada it is dinner time ). You all have been extremely patient while we have put together the final pieces of the snapshot and launch. We will have an exchange partner with us and that exchange is Cryptopia. Between the professionalism shown i...

                                        Oct 1st: General update

                                        teela · 11 months ago

                                        coins 101 wrote:

                                        We have a snapshot date, time and block height. We've sorted out financials and commercials. We've got a snapshot script. We have confirmation of pretty much everything.

                                        What we are waiting for is 100% confirmation on what's been agreed, including dates and times.

                                        I am in th...

                                          Sep 26th: Snapshot delayed

                                          teela · 12 months ago

                                          Coins 101 wrote:

                                          Hi @everyone We have been asked to create a little more time for the snapshot by the exchange.

                                          We have internally agreed to move the snapshot date back (again). Before giving you a date, we want everyone involved in the snapshot and launch process to confirm what works for them. ...

                                            Sep 20th: Snapshot

                                            teela · about a year ago1 changes

                                            Karmashark wrote:

                                            Hey @channel we are targeting Spreadcoin block 1,644,100 as the snapshot date. This is subject to exchange confirmation, so it is subject to change. As you can tell, we could do with a bit more time to get confirmations from third parties, but we understand the frustrations some ...

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