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Apr 8th: 2 week recap

KarmaWolf wrote:

@everyone Gentlemen, I will be away from the internet (or at least forcing myself to) for the weekend and early next week whilst I take a journey up to Northern Canada to ride polar bears and acquire beaver pelts. As you can see the launch process is coming along and next week @richyjames and I will break down the funding requirements for key players on the chain, resolving the bittrex issue, reimbursements, and budgets for exchange listings, the launch itself (there is a cost to that of course) along with marketing, conferences and various other needs.

While I am away @richyjames is the Man with the Plan so please keep an eye out for his communications.

richyjames wrote:

Im not going to be holding the keys to spending the budget, im only here to set up the system and point us in the right direction. That choice is mediated by the community.

Ok important decision here guys, we need 2 extra people to add to the multi-sig, Karma will represent the Team, i would like to see @rhinomonkey if he fully accepts it, then @teela could you please create a poll for who wants to put their name forwards. The community members who act as a sig must just be a representation of what the community has agreed, they have to be able to make the distinction that they may sign something they have personally campaigned against, if its what the community chooses. Only long term recognised members of the community please step forward.

@teela do you accept the position and @RzeroD do you accept being the first reserve?

RzeroD wrote:

@richyjames yes, no problem

teela wrote:

@richyjames I was planning on staying out of this but it appears I got the popular vote. I accept. Edit: looking over that poll it looks like kristerv voted 5 times. Spasjiba

richyjames wrote:

ok thats official guys, we have our Treasury Team, @rhinomonkey @teela @RzeroD Congrats guys,

Whats going on is we are finishing up testing and prepping to be able to launch

misantropicrage wrote:

any sense of whether we are weeks or months away from launch at this point?

richyjames wrote:

when talking with Karma we are trying to pencil in around one month, i have asked mark to keep schedule clear from 20th-30th april

We kick off on POW for pivx and then force in onto the POS after a certain number of blocks

the mining blocks will be running at 0 rewards, so this is purely the technical kickoff

the rewards will begin once the community is able to stake onto the system, so its a fair kick off for all members

cryptoconsultant wrote:

Hello community! Just a quick note as we ramp up here towards launch. I will be supporting the team with marketing and communications, while leveraging my enterprise experience to open up various markets for Helium globally. As we get closer to the launch date, I will be giving regular updates on our progress and milestones. I want to thank you all for your patience, faith and continued support as we push through the final obstacles to victory. Nothing phenomenal happens overnight as we all know, but we realize we can and will improve the communication to the community as we move forward. Again, thank you all for your support and we appreciate your questions, comments and feedback. Full steam ahead!

KarmaWolf wrote:

@everyone I am back from the North and will soon be giving a 'state of the union' on the major areas left to address on Helium.

How I see the launch transpiring, roles for leadership team members going forward, dev fund key holders, bittrex wallet update, partnerships, when the MN owners will take full democratic ownership over the network and much more. Now that @coins101 is in the background focusing on Enterprise and I am steering the ship more of my vision is being input into how Helium comes to life. This means I will be striking a key balance between how healthy the network is before putting the full responsibility of decision making in the hands of MN owners versus allowing the network to become too dependent on the leadership teams contributions and direction early on. This is very important given the chain will have Enterprise level business considerations at launch to manage so it is a focus of mine.

In the end this will be a more community driven project than @coins101 and i had originally set out forth. You have seen this in practise as I brought the community into the decision making process of Helium's technical base. Some decisions I will engage you all in the process as my 'extended family'. Other decisions I will be making myself as I have been doing so for now over 1.5 years as the active co-founder on the project. My long term vision is to work with the leadership team to get the chain in a healthy state between the cryptoeconomics and the business side of the Enterprise piece. Once that stable ground is found on the chain the role of MN owners is going to grow as they take on partial and then full democratic responsibility. I will elucidate upon this and all of the other areas soon to bring you all up to speed as Helium's launch approaches.

richyjames wrote:

@everyone I will be shortly be providing some information regarding long term development of our code base, in regards to our Enterprise data solutions. More specifically the suggestions that Graham made prior to his departure. I think we should have the budget to kick off this process, so that we are not reactive, but proactive about becoming the chain we wish to be. The cost of this will be separate to the budget requirements we have already been discussing, I think it would be advisable if we have an extra 25 to 30 nodes, purely devoted to funding this, and those will only been spent directly with a couple of well known devs with receipts. Im happy to set the process up with the development group and form the team who will carry out this work, but after a period the community will be directing them from governance. The treasury will be in charge of approving the funds as the development work moves along, as my interest is pointing out the direction rather then be in charge of individual payments. If you like this idea please show support for it and if not then please set out your own proposal for our future code base. Please note that this is about future development for enterprise handling as our short term goals are clear.

Sorry guys was on a plane, the nodes i was talking about future development post launch would be paid direct to the developers. So the treasury can approve and the community could see the payments went on what was intended.

Im only talking to developers with known Github history so you can all see the talent pool. Im just suggesting a rough estimate that the group should set aside and burn any unused.