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Apr 19th: development/ledger

richyjames said:

dev timeline for the next couple of weeks, tight schedule
we had to fill in all final topia paperwork, and i submitted the bittrex addresses we are intending to prune
they need first approval, to do diligence of any false positives
the final bittrex cut is a simplified version, as to catch the small addresses put too much risk on false positives

teela said:

@richyjames just to confirm: now that we'll be able to claim HLM through the wallet by using a SPR private key, this means there is no end date for claiming right?

richyjames said:

Yep, direct access has been completed by Graham, there will be no changes made to that. Only alteration is the Ledger of the Genesis block, which will be open for public viewing, which leaves the targeted Bittrex funds empty and credits the Treasury funds which will have Treasurers public keys as the multisig.

It looks more likely that we are only culling a single bittrex address with 450ish thousand SPR. So this is of no worry to any members.

Those tokens will be put into a treasury under the control of the nominated members. All information will be on the genesis block so no "sneaky business" can go on, and we will have Graham of course check over for his seal of approval.

So we have these 450K odd tokens into this community pot, i think we should create a separate 200K in the genesis block to put into the same fund, purely as a safety measure, so we have near the 750k We mentioned. If the community chooses not to pay for any expensive exchange listings then many of those tokens will be burnt/distributed/sold to the community.

We are contracted to pay $30,000 with the devs for launch, $2750 of it has already been paid myself, and $2750.00 per Karma. Teela will be keeping receipts.

@everyone Today we set up the servers for the seed nodes, running on AWS and allowing the devs to have access, they did an initial build of the coin and need to have a meeting with graham for a couple of questions.

lightingcoders said:

Hello guys , wanted to update you
We are currently configuring the seeds nodes in order to deploy the code on them

gj said:

The collective expectation of a multi-sig genesis tx creates a situation that I had not anticipated but more significantly, something I haven't researched. I don't know if it's actually feasible to construct such a tx with legal dance moves (I don't see why not but that may just be ignorance on my part). I will have to ensure that it's feasible - by coding it up and testing it. I can't strictly make the edit to the UTXO set until there's a Treasury address to replace the one alleged to be owned by Bittrex.

And then there's the amount to be decided on.

(Just as a a reminder, the reference implementation is Sam Griffith's “blightcoin”: https://github.com/sfultong/bitcoin/blob/blightcoin/src/chainparams.cpp#L123 which I found referenced in a bitcointalk thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=563972.msg13216162#msg13216162, which was nice)

richyjames said:

@everyone Please read over the above note on the creation of the treasury wallet. Be good if we have no ambiguity on what is being done and why ( once its completed) So when the coding solution is finalised and along with the balance, we show it "does exactly what it says on the tin"