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Jan 21st: Small update

bitcoinkw wrote:

Loyal Helium followers, we would like to thank you for your support and patience during our pre-launch phase. Our team is working with major enterprise clients in the back ground in a "test net" environment. Given we did not conduct an ICO, we instead decided on the air drop method which will take place via Cryptopia in the coming months. We appreciate our community greatly and understand that updates are key to continued confidence in the Helium project from our investors and holders. We will provide updates when milestones are met and continue to work towards a seamless launch.

karmashark wrote:

@bitcoinkw response is accurate in that we did not conduct an ICO for legal reasons (we saw the regulation portcullis dropping), more costly and we also wanted to have more freedom to create something of value. In terms of an update, I shall stick to my guns in that core updates that matter to the community (essentially 'when launch?') will be given when there is something of material substance to offer. @coins101 and I are continuing to work on some partnerships as well as some decisions for later in the year. The upcoming DASH fork which presents a high level of code refactoring is one of these

There have been some people added into the project from the Enterprise / BIM / Infrastructure side, we are getting to know them and understand their strengths. Lastly, development recruitment is something both @coins101 and i are spending more time on over the last while. This will be needed to achieve a realistic Service node launch further down the pipeline