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Jan 7th: Almost, almost there

Pennies202 wrote:

Hey guys, spoke to coins earlier. Team is working hard, launch date still can’t commit as there are one or two security actions to address, targeting Q1 for sure. Can’t tell you much about partnerships until launch but have a few players lined up for all three use-cases (private, semi-private and public) - all under NDA. Working closely with the British government for public sector supply chain (this is not a partnership but a road we are exploring together). Hope this community update helps keep the calm for a short while and apologies for thso lack of updates. @coins101 @karmashark and myself will from this moment forward provide a weekly update each weekend (sat/sun - depending on time zone).

Karmashark wrote:

RE: The conferences that Steve Wand attends

Until we launch the value of these is to begin networking with other chains / influencers and the various companies that are wise enough to send representation there for the IQ boost and exposure. These are great places to begin making things happen behind the scenes and Steve enjoys doing this work for us (and he is quite good). While I enjoy these as much as the next guy, I tend to stick to doing work directly in the crypto space (believe it or not I much enjoy my privacy and solitude at times, i'd say similar for @coins101)

RE: @pennies202

I am in the process of confirming the relationship between him/her and the team however much of the update given was basically bits and pieces of information @coins101 and myself have given here over the course of the last six months. I am speaking with @coins101 more frequently now with discussions on the launch. One aspect I can tell you we have been sensitive to is making sure once we launch both him and I have a large amount of time dedicated to focusing on non-business matters. There will be wallet support, MN setup, SPR to HLM redemptions we will be handling personally among a litany of other support requests. Once this begins we are not likely to be pulled back into meetings or managing pilots, etc.

I am strongly encouraging @coins101 to give a formal update from his end since we do different areas of work at times and he will be able to give more specifics on those areas

RE: BitcoinSpread fork

My guess is that someone (or a small group) have been watching the SPR chain over the past while and saw an opportunity. Right now we are adding a few billion USD$ per day to the overall cap and a small % of that finds its way into lower cap coins. Whomever put up that website / BTC is foolish in my opinion, they did not even create an ANN thread and it appears they copied over the 'old' SPR thread from Mr. Spread's days.

Beyond that, they have the wrong date for their snapshot listed on the website (January 31st, 2017) and their grasp of the English language leaves something to be desired. GeorgeM is likely right that there was a pump setup in this case as this group would have bought SPR lower knowing they would post a poorly-made fork soon after

the results speak for themselves - this industry is still very immature and I have to imagine a lot of new entrants into the space and taking their hard earned BTC and sinking it into SPR. I do not think there will be a fork as the plan here is to game the newbies of their BTC and then go dark

RE: Scam accusations and the overall market activity right now:

I work with the several Governments so my reputation is paramount, being a public figure. I also have several companies that do high value work with considerable wealth behind them. I have never been associated with a scam or even failed project and I certainly do not intend to start now. Beyond that, I have a nice chunk of wealth invested into this project.

If you do not think I haven't looked at the market going bananas and had the thought "Geez, that sure would be swell if I had my HLM right now for a rocket boost" then you are crazier than the Bitcoin /Spread founder likely is

That said, this is a long term project and when the next crypto Winter sets in, Helium will be one of the few that comes out of that shining as we will have real value on the chain.

I have decided, along with my team here in Canada, to shut down my consultancy at Crypto Consultant and our studio at Blockchain TV. I am going to be focusing 100% on Helium going forward as my only commitment in the industry as it will demand and deserve nothing less. I travelled to the UK last year with the latent intent to meet @coins101, understand his mind and make damn sure he was as committed as I and my team are.