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Mar 20th: ledger/code/dev

richyjames wrote:

There will be an update coming shortly from the team. Sending a public thank you out to GJ for setting a high bar for bringing us upto this point. Lots for us all to discuss coming up, but launch is now technically possible.

Plan is for discord move over on launch, the majority of people are here so its the best place to finish up our planning.

@RzeroD has begun creating our new home and it will be in use.

gj (gjhiggins) wrote:

It's “So long and thanks for all the fish.” time.


Job done as far as my self-imposed remit runs (making the ledger transfer as transparent as possible) and for good measure I've thrown in a few of my less hare-brained schemes in case anyone finds them amusing/thought-provoking. I'll leave you with i) my very best wishes and ii) this little darkly-humorous tale from Katherine MacLean back from way back when (well, just a year after I was born, at it happens) ... http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/50766/pg50766.txt

KarmaWolf (Karmashark) wrote:

@everyone I have been taking input from the community now since last week on the discussion on PIVX or Dash as the codebase and the overwhelmingly choice in terms of support is for PIVX. Thank you to everyone here who took the time to give their opinion and / or asked some very good questions which forced us all to ensure we had our bases covered. It is important to note that either code base will allow for us to build our second network tier layer on top in the future however PIVX offers the most overall upside relative to Dash.

This may yet prove to be a very useful delay we experienced while I picked up some dropped pieces as PIVX has shown to be a very opportunistic platform to fork off… Show more

richyjames wrote:

In terms of staff on the code side, we will need a launch dev, we need a long term CTO, one or two code dev's working under him. Im going to be organising those guys with Karma, Then on the marketing side you have the team Karma has put together, so we have people at events and boots on the ground to rep us. Thats the key staff we need

And for reference it looks like we have our launch dev, so do not worry that we do not have one. I was talking in terms of total staff estimates.

KarmaWolf wrote:

@misanthropicrage raises a good point here -

Due to some of the issues that transpired behind the scenes less transparency was given then I would have liked. Now that we are entering the post-launch era this is going to be changing and you can notice that I have set the tone for this as we move closer to that reality. Any contributor to the 'team' will be required to validate their usefulness and purpose on Helium should they expect the network to compensate them for it. There will be many areas of work on both the cryptocurrency side as well as the Enterprise side. Ultimately no one person 'owns' a chain and my role as co-founder reflects the part I have played in getting us to the point of launching with traction.

A full breakdown of duties required to be fulfilled and roles encapsulating them will be outlaid to the community for consumption, along with expected salaries. There is undoubtedly going to be many contributors as well so once we move closer to the launch I will be putting out a 'all hands on deck' for contributors as a community project naturally relies upon its troops here more than a well funded 50M USD ICO

richyjames wrote:

In terms of costs im bringing directly to the project, am providing the consultancy to help get us lifted off and trading, which i have been doing up until this point with Karma the last 6 weeks. Offering to bring two devs that work for me onto this for the liftoff, to be carried out swiftly, want to pay them some nodes each, to watch over the first couple of months, so they feel the benefit from us being successful. Set up 8 seed nodes, the mining for the first block, the block explorer, and to be secure and hook us upto cryptopia safely and update to the next version of pivx. This is all im going to solidly commit to as a contract to get done to the community for 27.5 heliums nodes of cost and anything else in future i do for the community is just to work in the manner GJ does, "as and when he feels", as am worried that if i take on the development for the enterprise data and the community is not happy with the results.

I hope everyone supports Karma 100% in what he bring to the table, as he is working his ass off for the group, and has spoken to me about 5 hours daily for 6 weeks, Monday-Sunday.

We also have someone who i dont want to mention who comes from a known group within crypto who i think should be paid 15 nodes for the efforts he is making back stage, he came in and fixed a lot of situations for the group that have brought us where we are today now ready to do this, without him there would be no chance we are lifting off. Im making the request on his behalf as he deserves it and i will hope he comes forward at some point when he is able. For those of you who know who this is please vouch for what im saying without revealing who it is.

KarmaWolf wrote:

I'll add that the individual @richyjames alluded to earlier has been a pivotal player in getting us to launch. Without him I would have a much more challenging task than I already have and in my eyes 15 Masternodes is relatively trivial in comparison to the benefits his work has allowed us to realize. Bringing various parties together, adding historical blockchain knowledge and insight has been a breathe of fresh air for me. This individual can step forward if and when he chooses for transparencies sake but he has my vote.

As for @richyjames, I want to make this clear so the community has transparency. Without him it is unlikely I am able to get us to this point of launching in the near future. Between his knowledge, deep connections in the industry, level-headed mindset and willingness to work with me long hours each day of the week the value he has brought Helium is not going to be paid back to him easily. The costs he is looking for are going to be related to helping us finish off the final part of the launch (as @gj work is complete) along with setting up geographically diverse seednodes and a block explorer +. We will not be able to launch without this and thus there will be no masternodes to vote on this matter. Voting at that level will only be taking place post-launch so any costs associated with launching this are going to be somewhat inflexible provided they are required and made transparent to the community.

richyjames wrote:

Everyone @Mark is coming here to help with the proposal i set out last night. He has all the tech we need.