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Mar 10th: Heads up

gj (gjhiggins) wrote:

I'm lending Karmashark a hand with setting up the premine and the script to execute the ledger balance transfer transactions. Currently getting up to speed, nothing to contribute immediately, give me a couple of days.

KarmaWolf (Karmashark) wrote:

Indeed, Graham has been good enough once again to lend a hand so be kind and try to keep your inquiries to a minimum as we work through some hurdles together

my time and effort is needed right now to get this project back on track however I will opine - while Enterprise funding is a nice bonus it was never a requirement to launch a blockchain (at least in my opinion )

there are many moving parts so I will not repeat myself - once the network is in a good place I will give an account on what has transpired and why I handled matters the way I did given the information I had at the time