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May 10th: preliminary home stretch

richyjames wrote:

@everyone I have together the governance code guide, if anyone is interested please indicate you want a copy, please only request it if your an active community member who is interested in assisting in development. It is not light reading about the project. I am refraining from public post as why waste our research and give it to others for no payment. There will be an English explanation of what the governance code will be achieving which will be posted in public and is of more interest.

@everyone. Sam is working really hard on the windows binary errors, has knocked out 24, so 5 left to rectify, so its quiet on general only as we are hard at work coding.

(...)the question to when is in front of you in regards to when the windows coding compiles are free from errors, and various other jobs are completed. Treasury coding etc and basic governance pre conditions, for which we have produced a guide to how will are going to carry it out.

then we get any research about final treasury solution hard coded and present that to cryptopia for inspection

they then give us the all clear and we go live

Weeks not months

we have total outline of all jobs that need doing code wise and have them highlighted, so its not just blind searching, its targeted towards actually running

the reason why our project will come through as valuable is that everything Is coded properly and we have a development path ahead that means we won't just be a useless on the shelf project. Which leads us to the point graham made that we will need community members who represent us, I have spoken to quite a few who are interested in the roles that are approaching.

we will need to discuss the direction for how we handle the data, am looking forward to us being the innovative project we set out to be,

can imagine a situation where we have community members who are in our BIM side channel who contribute to our research but also we use for consultancy for paid projects. This project will involve movements of cash flow and we can pioneer its structure.

graham presented an interesting concept on Trusty URI's, from what I gather he may be interested in the discussion of the topic, any creation of the idea will have to be funded, luckily we have treasury and proposals to do just that