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May 2nd: update/testnet/grinding away

KarmaWolf said:

@everyone the launch is coming along nicely so it is time for an update on things

Please feel free to check out the latest Helium update that focuses on the pending launch, governance, the leadership team and some house cleaning items from the previous year:


@everyone To clarify a few points from the update:

There was also some Enterprise partnerships maturing and concern about Evolution for Dash that he also wanted to see pan out and thus extend the launch. At the same time I had some personal matters in my own life including my health take over so it was not an easy decision of where to put my focus once he had taken a step back from the cryptocurrency side. In the end the choice was made to stick it out and replace / swap out any pieces on the project that did not make sense going forward. I sold my businesses to help facilitate getting Helium off the ground so that my focus could be here. The lost opportunity cost I have incurred over the last 1.5 years is hard to calculate so Helium is about legacy for me as much as it is about creating purchasing power. From the conversations I have had with @coins101 he is happy to continue his Enterprise dealings and has recruited people to that effort that I have engaged with. He will decide what level of engagement he wishes to have in the project going forward as we are clearly moving on. I do not know the reasons for his decisions but he is free to do what he wants and he assumes the responsibility of those actions.

Should he prove to not contribute and completely cease communication post-launch then the project naturally evolves without him and it becomes a piece of the Helium's early history. The loan he made is being held in escrow until he returns and he is receiving no payment for his first year of work on the project. As @teela said, please refrain from posting personal details about him or anyone else that wishes to remain private within the community. I consider this matter settled now as going forward we have evolved past the point of that early leadership dynamic.

richyjames said:

@everyone we are moving all development chat in the public space as much as possible, hopefully @gj will present his current thoughts on the treasury addy and distribution, and @lightingcoders will comment on how the job will be assisted on from his side for a proposal that it be completed. This has to be finished so cryptopia can see what we have implemented and do due diligence for our launch.

cryptosteve said:

@everyone - please note our Facebook page Helium Pay has been updated to match the rebranding effort and can be found on FB at Helium Chain moving forward. @HeliumChain.org.

Twitter account is live and first Tweet, Tweeted from @HeliumChain

richyjames said:

@everyone Just notification of a new consultant @vshamray who we are bringing in to work over our Governance set up. He is looking at our code pre-launch then aiding us get the mn voting structure in place. This is just a way to keep you all updated. Conversations about governance set up will be in their own side channel, and Sam will be there as more of a Q&A contact about how we set it up. @vshamray is here so that we can ask him about specific code functions and not as a community role. He comes over from CRW and we welcome him inside whilst he is here.

lightingcoders said:

update : working with mr Shamary (our new consultant ) in setting up MasterNodes and the rest of the network
the output will be published here once done

updates on whats going on guys ,
we are working on fixing the windows compilation
Setting the network part for DNS seeds / seeds & Masternodes
Setting up the pops on testnet so we can go switch fairly easy once going on mainNet

teela said:

@everyone with all the screenshots and code snippets and questions #general is getting even more messy than usual. Please post questions about testnet, building the client and other things that relate to it in #testnet so we can talk about it there. I posted a little guide on how to testnet in there. faetos made a guide on how to get a masternode running on testnet and its in #masternodes.

richyjames said:

Sam is currently testing, and also working on a windows compile error that needs to be fixed prior to launching, its a must do.
Graham, will be back in a few days, he had a few things to research and come back to us on
karma will be setting up the DNS with sam for the helium domain shortly
I have the launch forms ready to hand to cryptopia but they want all the code finished prior to that. But I have all the pre contact done.
We have spoken to potential new staff members for enterprise, who may show their interest of working with the group and fronting that side of things
so just keeping grinding away and moving forward