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Nov 30th: Almost there

karmashark wrote:

@channel Good day everyone,

The launch:

As indicated by @gjhiggins, our work in testnet is complete and the genesis block script works without hitch. We are now in the Mainnet phase of the launch and will be updating the community when the network is opened to the public and ready for use (mining, master node setup, etc). As communicated previously, there will be relatively little notice given prior to the public opening of the network. I advise you to check here in Slack for the announcement of "go live".

Communication and Reputation:

In regards to the level of communication with @coins101 and myself over the last few months, there has been a reduction in public activity as we have a much higher degree of work to accomplish on both the network and enterprise side. Logically, if we were motivated by money and greed then an ICO utilizing our combined reputations in the industry would have likely been the path to go. We avoided the ICO route due to our knowledge of future regulations and our desire to build something of value long term. @coins101 and myself have invested a considerable amount of our money and Time, two resources we are not give out freely at this stage of our careers. There are many moving parts to this project, more so than most I have worked in with crypto. Often times decisions are made without the benefit of giving the entire community (including our competitions who are very much a factor in this picture) full transparency of the chess pieces on the board at the time. There are also times we flat out make mistakes and this is part of the learning process.

Long story short, our motivations for Helium are not financially driven and everything continues to move forward. I have and continue to be involved in many crypto projects as a speculator so I can empathize your concerns and frustration. Often times a decision we make will receive an equal amount DM's expressing approval and disapproval. You cannot make everyone happy all of the time, but you sure as hell should make an effort where possible. Your patience is very much appreciated while all of the required pieces are positioned on the Helium chess board.

(and my pj's are green, in case any of you were wondering)

from a personal perspective, I wish I could tell you guys every single detail I have in my head about this project because I do truly care about you guys. Some of you have mortgages, rent, maybe a pissed off wife for investing in crypto, dreams of early retirement, etc. The reality is some of this information cannot be divulged currently due to the factors we are all very much aware of. Not everyone out there has the best intentions for us and due to the fact we want to be here five years from, much of the strategy is based upon this goal.

Some questions you have may be answered by @coins101 who I have encouraged to show up for a few drinks and a cigar. I also try and answer as many of your DM's as I can each day while being respectful to the nature of the information. You are a good group, i've been party of many communities and this is one of the better ones gents (and gals, for the ....like 1 or 2 that are here)