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Oct 3rd: All Systems Go!

karmashark wrote:

@everyone Good evening everyone (in Canada it is dinner time ). You all have been extremely patient while we have put together the final pieces of the snapshot and launch. We will have an exchange partner with us and that exchange is Cryptopia. Between the professionalism shown in negotiations with us and their growing positive reputation as an exchange, we felt this was an ideal pivot to make for the network. The reason why we are not using Bittrex is due to the changing regulatory landscape and the internal decisions that stemmed from that (more background checks on coins to be listed, legal requirements and potential lawyers, increased site security and KYC and AML applications). All of these changes put listing a new coin / administering an air drop to a much lower priority from Bittrex's perspective.

We are still on very good terms with Bittrex due to the hard work we put in leading up to this as we went through a thorough vetting process with them between @coins101 and myself. This work we put will hopefully get us in a position to be listed with Bittrex once Helium launches without hitch. We continue to progress conversations with Bittrex to advance this long term goal for Helium.

About the snapshot:

The snapshot will take place on October 10th, at 10AM NZ local time (Cryptopia is a NZ exchange). The block height is 1657200 and should fall within the listed time-frame. You will want to have your Spreadcoins (SPR) in your local Spreadcoin wallet or deposited at Cryptopia in the Spreadcoin wallet in your account. Cryptopia will be assisting with the air drop of Helium coins so if you are holding your SPR at Cryptopia you will be credited an equal amount of Helium coins once the air drop commences.

In summary, you will have to two options to prepare for the Oct 10th, 10AM NZ local time snapshot of the Spreadcoin blockchain (please note the TZ and adjust for your local TZ):

Holding your SPR at Cryptopia
Holding your SPR in your local SPR wallet

Details on the launch and specifics regarding Cryptopia and holding your SPR in your local wallet will be included in the next update. We are very close now to launching the Helium network so get ready to start your engines, the show is just about to begin

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