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Oct 25th: Team Introduction

karmashark wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to make some formal introductions today as well as pass along some news on the network: The Helium team is growing and with the launch of the network right around the corner, it is time to introduce to the community some of the faces who will be representing Helium out in the real-world for us. The following is only the public-facing team members, we have several team members and contributors who for various reasons will not be public facing at this time

@coins101 (I will let him add in this part on his own when ready)

Coins background is well known within the cryptocurrency community. He has worked on Dash (Darkcoin at the time) and not only helped influence the name 'Dash' but also contributed heavily in the technical realm. He moved over to Spreadcoin soon after and his vision for Spread eventually found its way to Helium. Coins is main architect on the Helium team and serves as one of the leading minds in the world of cryptoeconomics. He also has a background working with Enterprise customers which makes for a natural fit for Helium.

@karmashark - Jason Cassidy

My background is in managing people, technologies and communications I left BlackBerry in 2012 and soon after entered into the blockchain industry. I have worked on several blockchain projects in the past and currently act as the vice chairman of the board for the Blockochain Association of Canada. I also advise World governments on cryptocurrency regulations and founded Crypto Consultant and Blockchain TV. With Helium, I use my knowledge of cryptoeconomics to assist @coins101 on developing out the structure of the network. A lot of the high level strategy is handled between the two founders based on their prior experience working in the Enterprise world for decades.

Chief Communications Officer
@bitcoinkw - Steve Wand

Steve comes from a background in commercial banking at TD Bank, one of the "Big 5" banks in Canada. Steve has been involved in the blockchain industry for many years and is avid Bitcoin and cryptocurrency evangelist. Outside of managing one of Canada first Bitcoin ATM's, Steve is passionate about education and is an active presence at many blockchain conferences. Steve will be travelling the globe representing Helium at many prominent conferences as well as assisting with Enterprise partnerships, something he has been doing professionally for many years now.

Operations Manager - Africa and the Middle East
@ra - Roland Alexander

Roland will be responsible for all operational duties for Helium in Africa and the UAE. Both regions represent tremendous growth potential for blockchain technology, from payments to supply chain. Roland is a public speaking on Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Africa and is a well known for his passion for life and professionalism. Roland will also be speaking for Helium globally when possible and working to grow Helium's influence in his regions.

Community Manager
@craslovell -Chris Lovell

Chris has worked on previous blockchain projects before including Emercoin, helping to bridge the gap between technology and communications. He has conducted professional interviews in the industry, written press releases, reviewed whitepapers, written guides, ran bounty programs, on-boarded new community members and a lot more. If you need something community based Chris is your point of contact.

Chief Marketing Officer
@cryptoconsultant - James Gonzalez

James entered the blockchain industry in late 2012 and has been an active member since. He is the other founder of Crypto Consultant and Blockchain TV as well as the Treasurer and Secretary for the Blockchain Association of Canada and the Head of the Canadian chapter for Unsung, a decentralized solution to help feed the homeless. James will be in charge of marketing strategy for Helium and brings a world-class work ethic to the team.

Part 2

  1. A piece of History - Helium .999 1oz Silver collectors coins

A print run of 100 silver .999 1oz silver Helium coins were recently commissioned. These are loadable coins that come empty (so you can loaded the coin with your Helium). This is a collectors item and serves as a numismatic piece. You can order your silver 1oz Helium coin(s) online at the site below. Future print runs are already in negotiations for Helium and previous series issued by the designer have fetched premiums of well over 300% ROI. His coins generally sell well and this is certainly going to help bring more exposure to Helium while creating one hell of a stocking stuffer this Christmas. Check the Silver Helium coins here:


  1. Network launch -

Work is coming along very well on testing, mining and the development of the Helium wallet. There are a litany of potential issues that can come up during the launch of a network like ours so it is best practice not to handcuff ourselves to a date (aka deadline). Issues often arise out of the blue and we react to them accordingly. With that said, good progress is being made and at this point there is no reason to think we are going to have any issues opening up the network to the public in due course. The website, new ANN thread graphics and re-done whitepaper are almost ready as well.

I will fall back on what I have echoed before. Anyone can launch a blockchain in a few hours these days if they truly want to get one off the ground. To launch a network of value properly often takes Time, which requires patience. Patience will pay off in the end as we are in this for the long haul. Both @coins101 and myself are not motivated by money, we have been working professionally in established careers for some time now. For us both, Helium represents the opportunity to cement a legacy that will last well beyond our years.

I thank you all for keeping the banter going, the spirits high and the price predictions even higher! You are allowing us to focus on work behind the scenes and we really appreciate the maturity shown here