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Sep 26th: Snapshot delayed

Coins 101 wrote:

Hi @everyone We have been asked to create a little more time for the snapshot by the exchange.

We have internally agreed to move the snapshot date back (again). Before giving you a date, we want everyone involved in the snapshot and launch process to confirm what works for them. It is looking like 10 days breathing space has been requested, so we'll do what we can to get a block height.

As you know, we are prepared to take a copy of the blockchain this week. We may turn that into a release of a test download so you can check how it looks in a single download.

What can I say, other than to apologise. Moving dates back has mostly been out of our hands, but I think you all appreciate that we have formed relationships with third parties and we want to work with them not back them into corners.

There are something like 1,300 cyrpto projects out there and millions of new faces. The crypto eco-systems are busier than they have ever been and it's getting busier each day.

I have had an increasing number of messages from people in full panic mode about the snapshot date as it gets closer. For those people, a little breathing space will be welcome.

We have a really neat snapshot script, a really nice wallet with some nice graphics, some draft guides - we're all dressed for the party and ready to go.

Posted in #general Sep 26th at 9:37 PM